“The Big Rock Candy Mountain” Joan Crawford introduces Pepsi Cola products 1969 [video]

1960's, Beverages, Cigarettes, Gum & Candy

“1999 A.D.” Philco-Ford Corporation promotional film 1967 [video]

1960's, Appliances, Computers, Kitchen Appliances, Small Appliances

Pan Am presents “New Directions: The Hawaiian Islands” 1960

1960's, Airlines, Travel

Portion of a travel film /Pan Am advertisement complete with film & sound set up guide for home movie projectors in 1960.  Courtesy of Starfilms.com.

General Motors Motorama industrial short “Design for Dreaming” 1956

1950's, Automobiles & Automotive

Produced for General Motors auto dealerships to play in their showrooms across the country for customers that couldn’t make it to one of the many Motorama auto shows that year (1956).

“Wanna Buy a Record?” Mel Blanc & Billy May for Capitol Records 1951

1950's, Audio / Visual

35 minute industrial short produced by Capitol Records in 1951 for the recording industry.